Apple airs two new iPad mini television spots, ‘Photos’ and ‘Books’

Apple has started airing two new television ads focused on the iPad mini, the second and third such spots released for their newest device. Apple previously released “Piano,” which was first shown off to the world at the iPad mini launch event.

The first ad, “Books,” focuses as the iPad as an e-reader and shows both the mini and full-size iPad side-by-side both opening and closing various novels inside iBooks. The introduction of the iPad mini has led many to believe that Apple will make an even stronger push with iBooks. The smaller size of iPad mini favors reading and is much easier to hold while sitting on a couch or reading in bed.

The second ad, “Photos,” focuses on the same side-by-side comparison as the other two mini commercials with Apple focusing on iPhoto on both devices. This is my favorite of the two commercials as we rock to 60’s classic Two of a kind by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer.

YouTube 1YouTube 2

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