And the award for worst US carrier goes to… AT&T (again)

Consumer Reports carried out its usual annual poll of US mobile subscribers to see which carrier was voted best in terms of network reliability and customer service. As usual, Verizon is sitting pretty on top of the pile, scoring highly for its voice and data services as well as its customer support. At least, that’s if you’re only comparing the top 4 carriers. Smaller carriers such as U.S. Cellular and Credo Mobile both score higher in the post paid market whereas prepaid carriers Straight Talk and Tracfone both do better than Big Red. But overall, on a national scale there’s no arguing that VZW is doing well.

What isn’t at all surprising is that people are still under the impression that AT&T service blows, both network service and customer support. It’s not the first time that Consumer Reports’ survey has placed the US’ number 2 carrier in last place. In fact, it happens pretty much every year. On a more positive note: the carrier’s 4G LTE service is rated very highly. “Big Blue” subscribers are the happiest of all 4G users. So, it’s not all bad for the carrier that once hold the iPhone exclusively.

AT&T users: how do you find your carrier’s service? Is it as bad as is made out? Would you ever switch to another?

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  • DJ

    What’s funny about this is that Consumer Cellular is rated well in voice, data, and text. Consumer Cellular runs off AT&T’s network. Biased….. I think so….


    AT&T is terrible so I’m not surprised.