All the kids want Apple-branded iDevices for Christmas, despite Oprah’s efforts

Ask a child between the ages of 6 and twelve what he/she wants from Santa Claus this year, and there’s a 48% chance they’ll answer “iPad”. It seems Apple’s tablet is the hottest toy on the market this holiday season, and bar the Nintendo WiiU nothing comes close to iOS devices this winter. Out of the top 5 most wanted gadgets, 4 of them run iOS, with the iPod touch, iPad mini and iPhone proving to be popular too. So popular in fact, that even all the other smartphones put together don’t reach the level of desirability achieved by Apple’s portable multimedia devices.

Teenagers’ desires are slightly different (most likely because they already have iPhones and iPods):

The iPad still tops the charts, but there’s far lower levels of enthusiasm for any product from the adolescent age-range. Despite Oprah Winfrey’s best efforts, and undeniable cool factor, the Surface only tempts 3% of teenagers. ┬áThese results come from Hit the link to read more on the research company’s findings.


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  • DroidBoy

    Ever since the ipods came out I was never ‘omg gotta have that” The OG Droid on the other hand… lol for the “cool factor”

  • Jhon5325

    Wow time did change.
    When I was 6 (2002) the big and cool stuff were Legos.
    I remember asking my mom for Legos and me getting an electronic device would be a joke because I preferred Legos over a Nintendo SP. (Was popular back then)
    I do not understand but when I have children I will make them enjoy Legos and no gadgets.
    Not only that but using iPads at that age means chances of damaging eye sight