What the iPad mini might look like in black

The iPad mini has to be the new king of rumored devices since the iPhone 5 has finally launched. At one point, that title belonged to the Apple television set that was so oft rumored, but now that has been put to the wayside while the iPad mini gets a new rumor every day, if not hour. So in the craziness that is the never-ending Apple rumor mill, Gizmodo had a graphic designer put together some mockups of what the iPad mini could look like in silver and black, with a random blue one thrown in as well. I must say, I don’t plan on buying the iPad mini at the moment if and when one is released, but if that black render is anything near what the real one ends up, I may have to reconsider. I bought the black iPhone 5 because I’m a huge fan of black metal, so I would probably cave with a black iPad. The blue one is designed to look like the same style as the new iPod touch, when actually might look very nice when the others are released. We will have to see, and keep fingers crossed, that this is what they may look like. See the gallery below.

What do you think? Look interesting to you? What would you think of other colors? Let us know in the comments.


Via: Gizmodo

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  • JakeBennett13

    wow. i want one SO bad.