Unauthorized Lightning authentication chips show up online

BGR posted an image today of what appears to be 6 unauthorized Lightning authentication chips. According to the source, there are “multiple versions” of said chips, meaning there are multiple manufacturers working on unlicensed Lightning accessories.

Apple is currently the only manufacturer of official Lightning accessories, and there have been severe shortages since their announcement. The unlicensed third-party accessory market has caught wind of this, and it’s looking to capitalize on Apple’s short-comings. This could lead to inexpensive, unlicensed, Lightning accessories being released before Apple can address its own users’ needs. This could definitely pose a serious threat to Apple’s licensed partners, as Apple still hasn’t given them the proper licensing and information to create Lightning-based accessories, and they may not be able to get any on store shelves before the holiday season.

It’s disappointing and somewhat alarming to me that Apple hasn’t provided the MFI manufacturers with the correct resources yet. One would assume that would have been done the week the iPhone 5 was announced. Also, could Apple end up locking these unlicensed accessories out? I can imagine that a lot of users who just needed an adapter for their car that Apple could not provide would be quite upset if their adapter suddenly stopped working in iOS 6.0.1.

What do you guys think? Should Apple have this stuff out already? Let us know in the comments.

Via: AppleInsider

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