Resin skin protects and adds a splash of color to your iPad [Review + Gallery]

iPad skins are a dime a dozen, as are pretty much all iDevice cases and protective covers. is a Barcelona, Spain based company that seeks to bring quality materials, good protection and “sticky” qualities to the back of your iPad. The Resin skin for iPad fits all 4 generations of the 9.7″ iPad model, covering the flat part of your iPad’s rear shell, but leaving the edges and corners exposed.

I always like to start my reviews with the good points, and there are many. The Resin skin doesn’t seek to “wow” with claims of “military standard” protection, or offer millions of custom designs. It’s solid, single-tone skin that’s available in 5 “basic” colors: black, red, blue (pictured), white and cream. You can also get 3 “fluor” (green/orange/pink) colors and two “metallic” (brown/gray) colors.  It features an Apple shaped cutout to leave you to show off your manufacturer’s logo proudly. The outside may look a little shiny and slippery, but it’s quite the opposite. It has the ability to ensure your device doesn’t slip and slide off any shiny surface. In fact, the shinier the surface, the better it sticks. The case’s website claims it can cling to windows for a few seconds, I wasn’t bold enough to try.

Application was a bit of a frustration. With the iPad not having any clear defined lines to measure it up against, I found it hard to get the skin on completely straight, even after 3 tries. In the end I used the Apple logo as a point of reference, which meant I was still left with a slight skew angle. And that’s probably the issue I have with the skin. Because it doesn’t cover the entire back of the iPad like other cases and skins, your not only leaving the most vulnerable parts of your iPad (corners/edges) exposed, it also means that there’s a weird “bump” when you hold it in hand, that makes holding your tablet slightly less comfortable.

All-in-all, the skin does exactly what it was designed to. It adds a splash of color to an otherwise dull, aluminum grey back shell. I really love the design aesthetically, and I love its grippy qualities. However, priced at 23.90€ ($30 USD/£19 GBP approx), it doesn’t represent great value for money, especially when you can get something similar that covers front and back for less/similar price.

If you like the design, and want to try one out for yourself, head on over to


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    Way too pricey for what it is