TSMC to build quad-core chip for future iOS devices?

There has been a lot of news regarding iOS device processors recently. First off, Apple hired a top Samsung chipset designer, and now we are hearing via J.T. Hsu of Citigroup Global Markets that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. may be in charge of Apple’s mobile chip manufacturing come next year, taking Samsung’s place. Hsu is claiming that TSMC will be making 20-nanometer chips for Cupertino’s future iPad revisions, and maybe even a MacBook. These chips would move up from the current dual-core to go full quad-core. He also mentioned that a reason iPhones may not see this, at least for a while, is because of the sheer power needed by these chips.

According to the report, Apple began verifying the chips only 2 months ago. TSMC has been rumored to be talking to Apple for quite a while, and it looks like now Apple is finally ready to drop Samsung as its only provider of custom silicons. The report also says that TSMC has “unmatched” advancements in its 20-nm chips, which would be a good reason Apple would want to take advantage of it. Apple at one point was rumored to offer TSMC $1 billion to make it have Apple as its sole customer, however that was later rumored to be rejected. With the current smartphone market exploding in the field of mobile chips, I don’t really blame TSMC.

What do you think? Interested in seeing what it can offer? Glad Apple may be moving on from Samsung? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AppleInsider, CENS

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