Tim Cook’s latest firings are to “show where he stands”

The tech world went a little crazy yesterday when Apple let go of a few top executives: Scott Forstall and John Browett. Forstall, who was SVP of iPhone Software, was reportedly let go because he refused to sign the Apple Maps apology that, instead, had Tim Cook’s name on it. The report over at The Guardian is saying that Forstall had been “a source of friction” at Apple, some saying Jony Ive would not even sit in meetings with him. The irony in that, is Ive has taken over part of Forstall’s job, becoming the head of Human Interface.

All the commotion yesterday made everyone take a step back and look at why Apple would do this. It is assumed that Cook decided to announce this all yesterday to catch the market’s close before Hurricane Sandy. The Guardian is pointing out that these firings show how Cook is not going to “stand for complacency” at Apple. He doesn’t want just the same ol’ that has gotten it this far. He wants to push farther. Apple needed this, and Tim needed to show he could do it. Apple is on a good track. I’m excited to see what it comes up with.

What do you think? Interested in seeing where Apple is headed? Wondering if Jony Ive has anything up his sleeve? Let us know in the comments.


Via: The Guardian

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  • The Mystery Guy

    This could mean Jony Ive might change User Interface on iPhone! Tired of having those boring, casual blocks of apps still.

  • tadarida356

    @The Mystery Guy Same. But I dont think its boring but its time for something new and fresh. I cant wait to see what Ive can do with the interface.