Tim Cook extends Thanksgiving vacation for employees

Following what he described as an “incredibly successful year”, Tim cook has lauded the hard work and dedication of his employees over the past year, going so far as to offer them an extended Thanksgiving vacation with pay!

In an email addressed simply to “Team” Cook reflected on the product launches of the past six months, including the new iPad, Retina Macbook, Mountain Lion, the iPhone 5 and the new iPods. He described these products as “oustanding”, and commented on the “incredible response” they’d recieved. He also alluded to Apple’s “unrivalled leadership” in the post-PC era.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Apple has had an amazing year, and so I think it’s fair that the guys over at Cupertino get some time off work, mainly because it means that I’ll probably get some time off work too… Regardless, here’s to all the Apple employees that have made this such a special year! If you’d like to read Tim’s full email, click here!

How would you sum up the last year for Apple? Leave your comments below!

Via: 9to5 Mac



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  • Jediscum01

    Apple has had a great year, and hit a 3 run homer with the iPhone 5. It would’ve been a grand slam if maps wasn’t being blown out of proportion. It’s not nearly as bad as is being said. Works great n vegas.