“The Insanely Great History of Apple” captured in infographic form

Featured on Mashable, and created by the creatives over at PopChartLab, the awesome “Insanely Great history of Apple” chart was created to show how each of Apple’s products features in its 30 year history. It seems like the iPod and iDevices as a whole have been around forever, and yet they only feature in the last third of Apple’s timeline. Still, they account for well over 75% of Apple’s turnover each year.

From Macintosh, through Newton and iBook G4, and every success and failure in between. This chart should be used as wallpaper in every fanboy’s bedroom. To check out the full infographic hit the product link: http://popchartlab.com/collections/prints/products/the-insanely-great-history-of-apple. If you do want it as a print hanging off your wall, you can purchase a 18″ x 24″ image for $27. I’m tempted. Are you?

Via: Mashable

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