T-mobile dropping “iPhone” from “Bring your own device” promotion?

Before the iPhone 5 was announced, our Magenta-colored sister site got wind of an “anti-iPhone” promotion. Sure enough, when the iPhone 5 dropped on to store shelves on September 21st, T-mobile announced its “bring your own iPhone” campaign, despite not having yet launched its refarmed, iPhone-friendly 3G network. David Beren, over at TmoNews, heard some more interesting rumors on the grapevine this week, as staff leaked plans by Tmo to drop all iPhone references in the promotional material.

Although 9to5Mac’s sources claim that promotions are going as strong as ever for the iPhone, I’d suggest that TmoNews is certainly a more reputable site to follow for anything T-mobile. (Not that I’m biased.)

Personally, I still struggle with the idea that T-mobile was strongly pushing for iPhone customers to jump across, despite knowing that as the network stands now, most users won’t get anything more than EDGE speeds.

Via: TmoNews, 9to5Mac

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  • Henrik

    I did a speed test with Speedtest.net on my iPhone 4S on 9/27/2012 in Vernon Hills, IL.  The host server was U.W. Parkside in Kenosha, WI and my speed results are as follows: Ping: 61ms, Upload: 1.80Mbps, Download: 9.03MbpsGlad to see T-Mobile has enabled the 3G.  It’s still spotty but I’ve seen it in CA as well (was just out there for work).