Survey says 50% of iOS 6 users don’t mind Maps

So with all this hubbub about Maps, you would think just about every last person on this planet with iOS 6 hates it. According to a new survey, however, that isn’t true. The large majority of users actually have no problem with Apple’s new Maps application. In fact, just over 50% of users said “It hasn’t affected me at all.” If you take the two that say it will affect buying decisions, it adds up to a small 8.8%. That leaves over 90% saying that Apple Maps won’t have any affect on whether or not they will again buy an iPhone.

The internet exploded on iOS 6 release day, making it seem iOS 6 Maps were the end of the world. As this survey shows though, it really is only a small minority of users that care too much about the “Mapsgate.” I personally have had no issue with Maps, using Navigation for 4 straight days while in California a few weeks ago. I actually was still on the GM when that occurred, so the media had not yet had their little freak out about it.

What do you think? Have you had an issue with Maps? Which category above would you fit in to? Let us know in the comments.


Via: Cult of Mac, Mike Blumenthal

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  • JBLmobileG1

    Of course they don’t mind it. They also don’t mind owning an inferior phone either when honestly there are better choices out there which do just as much if not more than an iphone. I honestly think people have become brainwashed by Apple. Also most iphone owners that I do know don’t want to lose everything that they’ve purchased through itunes, which is hundreds of dollars, so they just stick with the iphone in hopes the next one will be an improvement and hopefully outshine the others.

  • KarimBhaidani

    @JBLmobileG1 wow people like you are just disgusting are you serious? people arnt stupid like yourself people dont buy iphone cause there “brainwashed” i like iphone cause i dont like the plastic on the galaxy s3 that doesnt mean that iphone users are stupid wow

  • Guest911

    @JBLmobileG1 Some people are smarter than Android users who dont really understand technology or know what a good OS looks like. But…look…..its a 5″ screen and it says its a HTC Maxx Galaxy Super Charged B 4G LTE HD….so its the best!
    People are either brainwashed by Apple or dimwits like you are just too dumb to understand that Maps is only useful…if you need it! Since most people are not truck drivers or actually have GPS units, its no big deal.

  • KyleFrost

    @JBLmobileG1 I personally owned 2 Android devices before deciding to purchase the iPhone 5. They were not cheap Android phones either, they were full-fledged smartphones that were great at their respective time (the Droid Incredible, and the Droid Bionic). Albeit the Droid Bionic was a flop shortly after release, it did improve with successive updates. I made my decision to purchase the iPhone 5 not because I was “brainwashed” by Apple, nor because I have hundreds of dollars worth of music purchased through iTunes. I chose to purchase the iPhone 5 because it is superior in many ways to most Android devices. Not “inferior” as you suggest. There are pros and cons of both operating systems. It all comes down to personal preference. I, at a point, preferred Android. I develop for iOS, and have started looking into developing for Android. So I look at all this from a developer perspective. I now prefer iOS. One of the main reasons is build quality. You can’t deny that the iPhone is built fantastically, and if you do deny it you are blinded by your arrogant hatred towards Apple. If you wish to call me a “fanboy” as your only opposing argument, so be it. You are only making yourself look a fool. I owned Android. Loved it for some time. But have moved on. It’s nice to have a change now and then.

  • JBLmobileG1

    @KarimBhaidani. Did I ever say that iphone users are stupid? No I didn’t. As for plastic, I didn’t mention the Samsung Galaxy S3 either. HTC, actually makes some pretty nice phones too you know, that don’t have that plastic feel to them. Ok… so you aren’t brainwashed, you just fell into that owning an iphone is a fashion statement… I know people personally who are like that too. In fact one guy I know wanted an iphone over his G2 because people know what an iphone is but when asked about his G2, didn’t have a clue.

  • JBLmobileG1

    @Guest911 when it comes to technology Android phones have all the bells and whistles hardware wise… not all… but the higher end ones do. Even the Galaxy SIII has been said to have better technology in the screen than the iphone 5. True the o/s is very important and while I admit Apples may be cleaner it is also much more limited to what it can do. With a few tweaks here and there and customizing, an Android phone can be superior to Apples o/s although customizing may not be for everyone or the ones who are less tech savy. To answer your last comment, while not everyone may use maps 24/7, it may come in handy one day when you really may need it. Only then might you complain and realize that you paid for something, while hardly ever used, is flawed and useless.

  • JBLmobileG1

    @KyleFrost I agree with you 100% about the built quality. One thing Apple has done right has always had good quality when it came to producing phones. Sad thing is that Samsung is now out of the picture when it comes to making some of the parts for the iphone. To me it’s like Tmobile moving from HTC when it came to the MyTouch line. They went downhill and soon enough killed the brand by releasing crap using cheap parts. I am not saying Apple will do this because I know they have such high expectations for their devices but they need to take it easy. With all their lawsuits against Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. they will end up causing more enemies which will keep them from releasing the quality phones that the customers have come to expect from an iphone.

  • That leaves over 90% saying that Apple Maps won’t have any affect on whether or not they will again buy an iPhone.

  • dan

    Majority of iphone users don’t really use much of it’s functions apart from calling and texting. They just get iphone because others are using it. So of course they won’t mind maps, since they’ve never used it in the first place.