Starbucks app finally Passbook enabled (US only?)

Passbook has been pretty short on actual, useful services so far, unless you have a habit of repeatedly booking hotels or traveling by plane. Thankfully, for coffee-addicts, that’s all changed now. Starbucks has officially updated its app to be Passbook compatible. Considering it was one of the companies that Apple shone a light on during the launch in June, it’s taken its sweet time to get here.

If you’re outside the US, it looks like you’re out of luck. 9to5Mac confirmed with a few of its followers in Canada, UK and Australia that they can’t access the new features. I updated my app too, and can also confirm that it’s certainly not available in Britain. Sadly, it’s just the Americans having all the fun this time. Grumble.

To try it out, head to the Passbook app, hit the App Store link and download it.

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