Sprint iPhone 5 may have better call quality than AT&T, Verizon versions

Scott Stein of CNet has tested the iPhone 5’s call quality on the 3 major US carriers, and it appears that Sprint is the clear winner.

Sprint: This is the winner, and the more, we listened the more we agreed. Background noise isn’t a factor, and my voice comes through loud, clear, and even a bit richer. I also noticed that Brian’s call came through clearer and louder on my end. The audio sample shows off how much better it sounds.

AT&T sounded pretty bad – fuzzy with background noise – and Verizon was snap, crackle, and popping all over the place, despite having a slightly less grainy sound and less apparent background noise. In this test, Sprint is obviously a cut above the others in call quality.

This isn’t the most comprehensive test, however, as it was only performed in New York City. It was completed in several different areas, using each phone once in each area. The calls were recorded to a dedicated voicemail box, from which Stein has uploaded them for your listening pleasure.

To hear the audio samples, check out the original article here. Does your iPhone 5 perform similarly, or is your area an entirely different story? Let us know in the comments!

Via: CNet

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  • samichaels96

    I think that the voice quality has more to do with the face that Sprint is deploying “HD” calling across its network as it’s “deploying Network Vision”.

  • danielhendrata