Rumor: iPad mini production going too slow, no thanks to Aluminum shell manufacture

I don’t expect that iPad mini rumors are going to go away any time soon, and what would an Apple rumor be without the usual two cents worth from DigiTimes’ ever-reliable supply chain sources? (Sarcasm intended.) The latest is that yield rates of the smaller iPad mini aluminum shells are too low, and can’t be produced quickly enough. Similar rumors came to light in the run up to the iPhone 5 launch, and yet didn’t stop Apple’s 6th gen handset from breaking all previous sales records without a sweat. In fact, some stores already have new stock.

Along with the latest market rumors indicating that Apple is likely to unveil the much speculated iPad mini on October 17, sources in Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan are also indicating that shipments of the iPad mini tablets are not smooth at the moment due to low yield rates at chassis makers.

My thoughts: production is going fine. I can’t see that Apple is intending on selling more of the smaller tablet than the larger 9.7″ version. Granted, with a launch before the holiday season and the right price, it could be a popular stocking-filler. Still, I’d bet the full size, Retina equipped device will still outsell it comfortably. Plus, apart from the white iPhone 4 fiasco, when has Apple seriously had a problem shipping out millions of gadgets?

Via: CultofMac, DigiTimes

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