Rumor: AAPL investor alludes to iPad mini event October 10

According to Fortune Tech, a distinguished Apple investor has claimed that the iPad mini is on its way.

Citing “mutiple sources”, he claims that Apple are preparing to launch a smaller, cheaper iPad with a 7.85 inch display. These rumors were circulating ferociously leading up to the launch of the iPhone 5, however since then, they have died down significantly.

Most importantly, CNN’s source claims that the press can expect their invitations to the launch event on October 10, in just 10 days time. Regardless of whether these rumors are true or not, we won’t have very long to wait.

Leading up to the iPhone 5 launch, various leaks suggested that the iPad “mini” would feature a 7.85 inch display, with much thinner bezels either side of the display. This was referenced in several different schematic and case leaks. Other leaks also suggested that the iPad mini would be built around the improved A5 processor that features in the revised iPad 2.

If Apple’s previous schedules are anything to go by, an October 10 invite would suggest an Oct 17 product unveiling with a Nov 2 release date, perfect timing for the holidays!

Are you convinced by these rumors? What would you like to see in an iPad mini? Leave your comments below!

Via: 9to5 Mac



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  • Jasper

    My thing is, what is the point of an iPad mini? I could see it if people are THAT dissatisfied with having a 10″ tablet in their hands, but I feel like it’s not gonna boost any sales or create any economic growth for Apple. Oh well. I don’t use an iPad, but I’ve always been comfortable with the size of it.

  • DanielHarris1

    @Jasper, I think this move has less to do with Apple and more to do with their investors. I agree with you, even at 10″, the iPad is the best selling tablet device on the market.

  • SocalFrank1

    The iPad mini isn’t significantly smaller, so they will canibalize sales of the iPad if the discount is large enough to pose a threat to Kindle Fire or Nexus Tablet.

  • KraKsX

    I don’t see a price point for this, new iPod $300 iPad 2 $400 new iPad $500.
    So only option is remove iPad 2 and replace with this, and at $400 I think this would be to high to compete in the field, while all others (doing good) are at $200.

  • leemuncy

    it wont be called a Mini iPad. it very well could be a revamped iPod Touch. Then you get back to a bigger market share in the “Ipod/mp3 player arena while still dominating the entire Tablet area as well. somewhere near the mentioned $299 pricepoint.
    it would then be another ‘catagory crusher’.
    we shall see soon enough i suppose.

  • codyadams

    i whatnt one plz