Review: Taking A Look At SFBags iPad Travel Express

If there is one weakness I have in the tech world, it’s an unhealthy obsession with having as many messenger bags as possible. In fact, for those of you familiar with our PhoneDog parent site and Contributing Editor Taylor Martin, he will absolutely attest to my “need” for as many bags as possible. Some might call it an obsession, but I call it a “bag for every need.” Which brings me to our newest review, the SFBags iPad Travel Express. The iPad Travel Express sits nicely in the middle of a case made specifically for the iPad and a full size messenger bag.

I’m trying, with some measure of success to increase the amount of time I spend on the iPad itself work-wise, which includes the use of my Logitech Ultrathin keyboard. My go-to case is my iPad Smart Case, another SFBag product but it has a hiccup, it only works to carry the iPad itself. It’s an amazing case, but when I need to carry a bit more than just the iPad, I need something with extra capacity. The thing is, a full size messenger bag, even of the 13” variety seems like overkill when I need the iPad and the keyboard. Enter the iPad Travel Express, which seems to have been made just for me.

When it comes to protection, nothing for my iPad is too good, and the folks at SFBags make products for those unafraid of spending a little extra, but receiving your moneys worth. The bag itself costs $69.99, though you can opt for a Muzetto leather alternative for an extra $10. The shoulder strap comes with three different options, just the “D-Rings” for $5, a “Simple Mini Strap” for $12 or my own personal choice, “Suspension Mini Strap” for $22. I’ve always chosen the “Suspension Strap” for SFBag products and for good reason, they are among the most comfortable I’ve ever used, though they could be just a “tad bit” longer.

The iPad Travel Express is made to carry extra items, so you pick up two soft, scratch-free pockets to protect smaller items such a phone or charger. A rigid plastic insert protects the iPad screen and here is the kicker, it works not only with the iPad Smart Cover or Smart Case, but also with my Logitech Ultrathin keyboard. That’s not separate mind you, the rigid plastic insert is spacious enough to hold both the iPad and keyboard while they are attached. This is the reason I wanted this particular bag, it’s both small enough that I don’t need a full size messenger bag, but spacious enough that I can fit a keyboard, stand, charger, phone and iPad all with room to spare. A YKK self-locking zipper ensures that everything is well sealed within the Travel Express.

Now, I know I’m turning myself into a spokesman for SFBag products, but for good reason, I honestly haven’t found a company that makes a consistent set of products as good as they for Apple products. It seems like this company has the Midas Touch for Apple accessories. I’d love to see some more standardized cases from them for the iPhone, and not just a jacket or wallet, but that’s just wishful thinking.

However, that’s not to say all companies are perfect and I do have one small complaint, the lack of an outside pocket. Standard size messenger bags generally offer a small pocket, if not a large pocket for quick access without having to dig around the larger zipper pocket. It’s a small complaint, but one that might be a nice addition in the future.

The bottom line is that this is one case where you are getting what you pay for: quality, durability, and the security of buying from a company that excels at making Apple products. An easy 9/10 on the TodaysiPhone accessory ranking scale. You can check out the official product video below from and see exactly what the company manages to fit into this bag.

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