Report claims iPad mini event will focus on iBooks

The infamous “multiple sources” reported today that Apple’s upcoming iPad mini event will focus on its e-reading capabilities. Due to its smaller size, the iPad mini will be reportedly be pitched as a full-on consumption device, whereas the current iPad is also seen as a tool for creative input.

Other companies have already taken this route many times with smaller tablets, meaning this is probably just an analyst assuming Apple will follow market trends. It does make sense to tout a smaller iPad as an e-reader, however, because it would (presumably) be much more portable. I commute daily, and I see a lot more small tablets being used for reading on the subway than iPads.

Personally, I’m just curious to see how this could affect the UI of this smaller iPad. Could it have a UI more akin to the Kindle Fire’s, which presents your purchased media and suggested store content via the home screen? That would certainly help drive content consumption, but it might alienate iPad mini users.

What do you guys thing about these rumors? Do you think Apple will take the e-reader approach with the iPad mini?

Via: AppleInsider

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  • Joe Hillock

    Being able to read on the beach is a must for me to purchase an IPad mini. Otherwise I will buy a kindle reader