Purported Screenshots Leak Of Upcoming Google Maps App For iOS

Chalk up yet another iOS rumor today as developer Ben Guild has posted purported screenshots of Google’s upcoming Maps for iOS. Guild claims these photos are from an alpha version of the app but makes no further info known about how he came across these images or when. Guild does say that Maps for iOS will be vector-based and support two-finger rotation.

The photos themselves don’t show anything we haven’t already seen out of Google Map, however, the thing about these images is that they are extremely easy to fake and manipulate. We’re not suggesting that Guild purposely leaked faked images, but the idea that the images themselves are easy to fake makes all the intel from Guild suspect. It’s hard to imagine that a random developer in San Francisco came across what is widely expected to be an instant App Store chart topper upon release.

The bottom line is that we recommend taking these images for what they are, possible images of a Google Maps app for iOS with emphasis on possible. We know that Google Chairman Eric Schmidt wouldn’t confirm or deny that the company is working on a Maps app for iOS, but I think it’s a very safe bet to assume they are neck deep in production.

For now, we have no reason to doubt these images are real, but we’re not ready to go “all in” with them either.

9to5Mac via Ben Guild

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