Pictures of iPad mini’s headphone jack appear online

It seems that the iPad mini is slowly crawling its way into reality. Back before Apple announced the iPhone 5, it was one of those ‘far out’ ideas that nobody really took much notice of. Now though, things have changed, and we’re beginning to see all sorts of information and leaks.

The latest leaks are two pictures of what seems to be the headphone jack of the rumored iPad mini, and they come from an online parts reseller, and were discovered by The headphone jack is pictured in both black and white, which is understandable, considering that pretty much all of Apple’s portable products are available in those colors.

We’re only just beginning to see leaked parts for the iPad mini, as most of what we’ve seen were just mock-ups of the rumored device, which are interesting, but not hard evidence of anything. If you’ve been paying a particularly large amount of attention, you’ll know that we saw many iPad mini parts on Tuesday. We saw the back casing and LCD display of the device, amongst other parts.

It makes sense that we’d start to see the parts at this time, as The Wall Street Journal has already reported that the production of the device has already begun.

The iPad mini is likely to feature a very similar design to the current, full sized iPad, just scaled down. The device will probably also feature Apple’s new lighting connector.

I’m very skeptical about whether we’ll be seeing an iPad mini anytime soon, but like I reported on Tuesday, Android tablets – particularly the cheaper, 7-inch models – are very close to stealing the iPad’s market share, so it would make sense for Apple to join the bandwagon and make its own 7 inch tablet.


Via: AppleInsider 

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  • KraKsX

    Android tablets are picking up speed now, only because they are finally good spec’d tablets, AND are less then half the starting price of the iPad. There is no way Apple WILL (I say will, because they can, but knowing Apple they won’t) be able to compete price wise. Unless the iPad mini starts at $300, this will not make in impact. So. My guess will have to be;
    iPad mini (guts of an iPad 2) with 8Gb of space for $300 – it’s the only logical move I can see Apple trying.

  • it seems that the iPad mini is slowly crawling its way into reality.