New patent points towards “biometric sensitive window” in new iOS devices

Patents are always fun to look at. In some cases, they have helped us find the next things coming in iOS devices. Some, though, have yet to materialize. This one is particularly interesting, as rumors of Apple adding “fingerprint scanning” capabilities to iPhones has always been around, but never had any real evidence. Adding to the very limited proof that Apple wants to do this, is a patent recently discovered over at Patently Apple (pictured above).

This patent, and the others listed on Patently Apple, all talk of a “hidden window” that is found somewhere on the device. When needed, this sensor would activate and, as expected, read the users fingerprint. Apple bought a company recently named AuthenTec, which actually specialized in this field. It’s not surprising to see something like this in the works over in Cupertino.

What do you think? Would you want a fingerprint reader on your iOS device? Is this not going to materialize any time soon? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AppAdvice, Patently Apple

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  • JoshuaNorrid

    @Mike_Elemental iPhone 6 in the making with enhanced security features for the enterprise. Likely to see NFC chipset integration soon.

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