New iPods to ship in 2-3 weeks

Apple’s refreshing new iPod nano and iPod touch models are set to ship in 2 and 3 weeks respectively, according to its Australian online store. The American store simply says “October”, so it’s nice to get some confirmation that there isn’t some huge delay they don’t want to tell us about.

I was in the Apple store today and I overheard a customer asking the salesperson about the availability of the new iPods. I have to admit I’m surprised it’s taking Apple so long to get them in their customers’ hands. I was very excited to check out these new iPods in person, since it’s the first time in 2 years the iPod touch has gotten a significant update.

Are any of you guys anxiously awaiting your pre-ordered iPods? Let us know!


Via: Apple

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  • DarrenButz

    I’ll wait till Black Friday to get my new iPod Touch! Or I might decide to spend a little more money for an iPhone on Virgin Mobile. My cheap Android is starting to annoy me lol

  • ginatraf

    I wore out my 5th gen Nano.  I don’t need no stinkin apps.  I just love my music.  I’m pre-ordered and getting my Nano engraved and can’t wait to get my tunes back.  A real release date in the States would be an added bonus.

  • greekalbanian

    @TodaysiPhone Kia Kaha

  • teslanaut

    Just checked Aussie site. It’s back to October -____-

  • bemused

    I’m an old man who, early this past year, decided that it was time to replace my 2nd gen iTouch.  But being a long time apple user i figured that this would be an update/remodel year and so with the possibility in my mind that a new model might be released as early as June, I’d wait.  Well the June announcement didn’t happen but by then we all new about the upcoming iPhone 5 and so it wasn’t hard to decide the next reasonable date would  come with the release of the phone. And sure enough.  Except that Apple lied.  They announced the new iTouch on Sept 12, the same day the iPhone came out but what they didn’t say was that delivery would be contingent upon the degree to which they’d have to cannibalize iTouch production in order to meet iPhone demand, ( or so I hypothesise).
    And so I’m pissed.  I placed my order on Sept 13., after having spent the 12th calling local stores to see if they had the iTouch in stock and getting the same answer over and again that they had no stock and didn’t expect any until Oct..  And now, thanks to TiP, I learn there will most likely be yet more of a wait until almost Nov.  Why coldn’t Apple have just said upfront that come Nov 1., or Dec.1 we will have a great new iTouch so come see us then?  Is there a problem with honesty now that Tim Cook is leading the enterprise?  I hope not but this doesn’t burnish his rep in the least.  As I said at the top, I’m an old man and I want my damn touch before I die.

  • Guest911

    @bemused You should be pissed….at the fact that you cannot read or comprehend english. When every store you call on Sept 12 tells you that they expect nothing until Oct, you get pissy, place the order anyway and then whine about in…..wait for it…..October! Dang dude – go back to your high school and see if you can get some remedial classes.