New iPhone 5 Lightning port frustrations drawn in comedic style by Joy of Tech

As soon as speculation began regarding Apple’s switch to a smaller dock connector, people who’d spent loads of cash on “Made for iPhone/iPod” accessories started complaining. “Now all my docks will be redundant!” Apple knew that and – as any sensible company who doesn’t like annoying its customers would – offered a solution: the 30-pin to Lightning adapter. Sure, it costs thirty bucks, but it’s hardly worth crying over.

The Joy of Tech regularly portrays common place tech frustrations in cynical and comedic fashion, and the one above is no different. The whole “I’m switching to Android” thing makes very little sense, especially considering the amount of cash you’d have to spend on apps and accessories to make everything compatible with your new, Google-powered phone. Certainly puts $30 in to perspective, doesn’t it?

Via: iDownloadBlog, AllThingsD

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  • BrainRoopull

    You know… to me… that makes the price of the adapter even worse.  Is Apple not holding their customers hostage knowing many will use this same logic to stick with Apple?  I have no problem with them changing the port or selling the adapter, but $30 is over the top.  I can see the number crunchers at Apple pondering just how much they can sell this $2 trinket for before there’s a big enough backlash that they start losing customers.The smart Apple people will wait until the 3rd party manufacturers jump in with affordable options.