New Chromebook is a $250 MacBook Air wannabe

Look at the picture above. Now back here. Now back at the picture. Now back here. What computer is pictured above? If you guessed MacBook Air, you are only half right. The picture on the right is indeed Apple’s MacBook Air. So, what is this oh so similar computer on the left? Oh, that’s just Google’s new Chromebook, built by Samsung. Yes, that is correct, the computer on the left above is a Chromebook built by none other than the same company that just lost a $1billion+ lawsuit to Apple, the maker of the computer on the right, for breaking design patents. May I remind you that Apple owns patents on the MacBook Air design? Come on Samsung.

What do you think? Tired of this blatant copying? Do you think there is no problem with it? Let us know in the comments.


Via: Cult of Mac, Twitter

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  • bnmguy

    Amazing. It’s almost as if you didn’t really read my post at all! (Side note, most of the pics you showed had their trackpads with buttons, off centered – just to be accurate).
    I never argued at who invented what. I argued DESIGN. As in aesthetic, as a total combination of numerous Macbook DESIGN similarities on the inside. Yes, other makers have used various elements (as I had previously stated), but never as blatantly, nor in the abundance of this one when compared to a well recognized Apple product. It’s pretty clear.
    There are many changes that can be made to parts of a laptop that help make it look different from other laptops. If Samsung is choosing to work with several of the same aesthetics that Apple is known for, then they can’t really cry when there are comparisons. When a company is well known for their product’s design elements, then it seems in rather bad taste for another company to use so many of those same elements, and expect no one to notice or care. Especially given the timing – I mean, really? Everyone knows these two companies have major legal beef at the moment. I don’t see how this benefits Samsung’s image when they are trying to prove they didn’t copy a different product. To me, this doesn’t help their case at all. It just baffles me and makes me question their judgement.
    I stand by what I said before – I wish they would have done something different. There are so, so many new types of metal alloys being developed, for example. Some are pretty amazing! I’d love to see a company like Samsung step out and try something new. Obviously the keyboard, touchpad, etc., are going to need to be addressed, but there are numerous changes that could be studied and engineered to be more efficient, while still being aesthetically pleasing and new.
    What they’ve done here, with this product, does nothing for their Branding. And honestly, Samsung is an a prime position right now to really define their image. Ideally, every business would love to have a product, or products, that, based only on the appearance, someone could look at and say, “Oh – that’s a Samsung (or Apple, or whomever else)”. I feel they are missing out on a big opportunity. That goes for Google possibly, too.
    It’s like this: a bedroom typically has a bed, nightstands, dresser/closet, etc. But that doesn’t mean that every bedroom in the world has a limit on how different they can possibly look from one another. There is an infinite amount of design possibilities! The same can be said for technology, and the design there-in. So, why design something that so closely resembles a design we’ve all seen before? It doesn’t make sense.
    I’m still disappointed.

  • bnmguy

    P.S. I love how “Fanboy” is always used as a last resort in an argument, as if it makes any point at all.
    For the record, I am no more loyal to Apple than I am to Samsung. There are many things Apple has done that are disappointing as well. However, in this post I am only speaking about a specific topic.
    If you really want to know though, I do love a couple Apple products, and many Samsung products. I respect Apple, but part of me is really actually routing for Samsung to do something amazing for their Branding.
    So I guess, if anything, I am an advertising/branding/reputation and company Image Fanboy. I just think Samsung missed the mark here, and it makes me kind of sad.
    (One more thing – when it comes to OS’ – It’s Linux all the way for me [any Debian or Ubuntu variation will do.])

  • One3OneKing

    @bnmguy  You are arguing an absolutely ridiculous point. the only reason you think your point of “there are infinite ways to design a laptop” is valid is because you have become numb to the lawsuits that apple has levied. Many laptops look the same and yet somehow apple fanboys are so concerned with protecting the look of the Mac and are almost cheering on litigation. You are arguing silly points like the location of the trackpad and such. Really?! Not to mention that this looks nothing like a MacBook. To suggest otherwise is to insult the look of the mac because as a whole this thing is ugly as sin. Your analogy of a bedroom is absolutely ridiculous as well. Sure there can be an infinite number of rooms that look alike but people most certainly don’t go accusing each other of stealing another’s interior design. And an infinite number of design possibilities only furthers Samsung right to design this thing the way they did because no this is not identical to a MacBook, in fact samsung practiced many variances in this design that make it look nothing like the MacBook. This silliness won’t end until posts like these lose their ridiculous titles and people stop believing that Apple owns the rights to ridiculous things such as shapes and postioning of hardware components.

  • TommyDaniel

    @bnmguy  You are argued design and I showed you that Apple wasn’t the first with those designs. They weren’t the first to have centered trackpads(buttons or no buttons, they weren’t they first to have a logo centered in the bottom of the screen, they also weren’t the first with chiclet keys. And they certainly aren’t the only ones.
    You keep saying you are arguing design, but all you are actually arguing is the keyboard and trackpad. If you want to argue design then you need to look at the entire product and not just the bits and pieces you think they “ripped” off. 
    Have you actually looked at other laptops? Specifically the ones in this screen size? 99% of them use chiclet keys, 99% of them have a centered trackpad, 99% of them have a logo centered below the screen on the bezel. 
    The only design patent Apple has for the Macbook Air is for the Wedged shape. Which this device doesn’t have. They don’t have a patent on the color, the trackpad placement, or the keyboard. Know why? Because those are STANDARD pieces on a laptop, that like I have said before, has been done BEFORE Apple did it.
    If you want to argue design, you need to open your eyes up a bit more.
    The other thing that you also aren’t realizing is the OS that this Chromebook runs, Chrome OS. It wasn’t made to compete with any Apple product. It isn’t a full fledged OS like Mac of Windows. 
    I feel like if this Samsung product was black, there wouldn’t be an article, which says a lot. But also, if this wasn’t a Samsung product there wouldn’t be an article. Because there are tons of other products, like the HP or Lenovo that I showed in the first reply that look like Macbook Airs if we go by your definitions.

  • bnmguy

    @TommyDaniel @ One3OneKing
    You two are the ones getting pissed (lol at the ‘fanboy’ remark – clever. Did you come up with it all by yourself?). I think you need to work on your reading comprehension cause it still seems that you’ve missed the point I was actually making. You keep bringing up who did what first. I really don’t care. Point is – Samsung should have been smarter given the timing of this release. It doesn’t matter who did what first when someone has a product line that is highly recognizable. People can glance at an Apple product, and the majority of them would know it was made by Apple.
    If someone glanced at this, there is a high chance they’d initially think it is some sort of Apple product before realizing – wait, it’s a Samsung/Chromebook. And any time that happens, Samsung has already lost.
    You two keep going around in circles, enraged that someone thinks differently than you. And considering I have a degree in Business & Marketing – I’d wager I know more about the subject than the both of you.
    Explain this to me then… If you were a manufacturer of Laptops, what would YOU do to make your brand stand out from the others? If your laptop was placed beside 3 others from other Brands (Say, Acer, Toshiba, etc., etc.), are you saying it would be ridiculous for anyone to claim they could guess which one belonged to which brand (if branding was removed)? I don’t think so. Each manufacturer tends to have tell-tale design traits. And for a good reason, I might add.
    Also, with your remark about people not getting upset over other people copying a bedroom design… um… you need to get out more! Go talk to some professional designers and tell that statement to them. I’d love to see their reaction.

  • TommyDaniel

    @bnmguy lol what? Where in my post did I ever sound upset or mad even? I like you keep saying we can’t read, yet you clearly haven’t read what I had to say. I wasn’t saying who did what first. I was showing you how many manufacturers did these things, and still do these things before the macbook. 
    If someone glanced at this, and saw the rest of the pictures that I had posted earlier, no one would have even guessed it looked like a macbook. You keep coming back to same things, the keyboard, and the trackpad. Keyboards and trackpads aren’t what differentiate a computer. Sorry to break it to you.
    There you go again with the enraged comment. I was actually enjoying our conversation. Sorry buddy, nothing you said could make me upset, or enraged. You also just proved my other point by telling me what you have a degree in. Congratulations but that’s not design, like the degree I have. :)
    Most high end laptops of today do have things to set them apart, but not by much. The Series 9 is Samsung’s high-end ultrabook and I think it’s possibly the best looking ultrabook on the market. But if you look at the low end, like where this one is, you aren’t going to find crazy designs. They are all going to be simple and straight-forward. Like this on is. Why? Because a company isn’t going to pour out money developing a product that will give them so little in return.
    So, I would say to again, look at the entire Chromebook, not just the trackpad and keyboard because 99% of laptops out there right now, use that type of keyboard, and have a centered trackpad.

  • Immanuelkant
    Inferiority complex may explain all the whining fandroids. Attack me now, poorfags!

  • bnmguy

    @TommyDaniel You are right about the low end/low return on these. Like I said, I’m actually routing for Samsung. For what it’s worth, I meantioned the Apple’s Trackpad and Keyboard as examples only in my first post, as example of the similarities.Any subsiquent mentions weren’t anything to do with claiming anyone copied.  Yet, you keep mentioning them multiple times in every one of your posts. You can go through and count, if you’d like.
    But anyway, I am tired of talking about this. I don’t think there should be any infringement case here or anything like that. I just think maybe a little more thought, on the manufacturer’s behalf, would have been prudent.
    Also, I’m aware that other Manufacturers are using these same elements. The difference is that Samsung and Apple are in the legal limelight, so perhaps that would give them a little more reason to try and be different.

  • JohnX378

    it’s just a laptop. all laptops look like that now. even hp and dell. it all started with that sony-designed chiclet keyboard and sleek look of the sony vaios.

  • That’s how most laptops are designed these days. I never know of anyone who accidentally bought a Samsung when what he really wanted was an Apple.

  • cal

    MAN STFU.. who cares.. its a computer.. hella anal off of stupid snap-judgements..nigs motivated by nothing but money.. maybe if you state your biased opinions on inneficient use of the worlds natural resources people will care…
    even if it is a copy whats is your point? its about a grand cheaper and just as stylish.. is there an argument here?

  • BusNothingPersonal

    @One3OneKing Well actually I mistook the Samsung laptop for an Apple AirBook at Best Buys.  I thought somebody had misplaced the Macbook and did a double take when I saw the Samsung name and not Apple.  But the key point is that there are many people (you might argue superficial) that buy things for status and prestige.  Consider Gucci or Coach bags.  It’s the prestige that could double, triple, quadruple the value of something.  Argue that it’s overpriced, but then you know what companies that sell prestige and status seem to be able to make a lot of money.  So lets say I’m poor but crave that superficial status symbol I’ll definitely buy the Samsung Chromebook over anything Apple.  The key advantages are it’s less expensive and it will fool others to think it’s Apple so I’m chique look like I’m more wealthy yet frugal.  So then by looking more wealthy I impress some people and I make more money myself.  So if Samsung is a bag maker they are making a Gucci or Coach look alike.  They make sure the logos don’t match, but otherwise the style and look are so close.  The true diehards can tell the difference but there’s a lot of superficial people that are trying to be more frugal and that copy-cat Gucci and Coach look good enough. Gucci and Coach by no means did not invent the bag, but they do claim to invent the Gucci and Coach status symbol.  So Samsung is trying to steal some of the Apple Status symbol.  If Apple never had an chiqueness if there were never any fervor of Android vs. IOs  Mac vs. PC wars then the Apple brand name would have no special value.  So just the fact that everyone’s getting so heated in their words means the Apple name has special value.  Special value means it now brings into status.  Because status sells and status increases value.

  • Samsung always copy the devices of Apple shame on Samsung to doing this again and again.

  • jonesjm97

    All ultra-books are gonna be wedge shaped and to make them look good they make them out of aluminium. Dumbasses…

  • ShenaliRathnayake

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