Mysterious “iPad3,6” shows up in developer’s logs

An iPad with a never-before-seen designation has appeared in a developer’s logs, raising questions about what Apple is planning for its tablet. “iPad 3,6” appears to be rockin’ an ARMv7 processor with the same architecture as the A6 processor powering the iPhone 5, but that particular tag doesn’t pertain to any iPad currently available.

As MacRumors points out, it is more likely that this mystery iPad is a variation of the current 9.7-inch offering updated to support the Lightning connector, rather than the elusive iPad mini. The current third-gen iPad models are labeled “iPad3,1,” “iPad3,2” and “iPad3,3” respectively, so this latest tag fits pretty easily into that sequence, whereas previous reports claim that a devices registered as “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6,” are in fact iPad minis.

What do you guys think? Are these mysterious iPad identifiers further indication of an iPad mini? Sound off in the comments section below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.


Via: AppleInsider

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