More people impressed by Apple’s new iMac than any other new release [POLL RESULTS]

Over the weekend we published a poll to find out which of the newly announced Apple products was most impressive. As you can see from the result above, out of 1,575 voters, a whopping 974 were most impressed by the new iMac. The 5mm thin edges, incredible display and power are a huge draw it seems. Miles behind in second place – with only 18.5% of the votes – was the 7.9″ long-rumored iPad mini. Third with 141 votes was the 13″ Retina equipped MacBook Pro which I assumed would gain much more popularity. Not surprisingly, the Mac mini and tweaked full-size iPad came in 4th and 5th.

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  • roboguy12

    This is because the new iMac is a brilliant feat of materials and hardware engineering. To make a display that thin while still increasing the specs is a feat that even last year at this time was still difficult to do. This trumps everything else because the new iPad is exactly the same as the old with a slightly better processor and a new troll-o-rific lightening port, and the iPad mini is just a smaller iPad, no innovation there. The new iMacs are wonderful, I can’t wait to get one.

  • dyvking

    Interestingly, there have been NO iMacs available for purchase from Apple’s online store since last week’s event. Not even as pre-order. There are images and some info about the new models, but you cant buy one. Even the older models are gone.

  • KayoS

    @dyvking It does clearly say COMING SOON at the top of the page on the Apple website (iMac section) and at the bottom of the page it says 21″ will be available in November and the 27″ will be available in December.  So I am not sure what is so Interesting about it, or how your statement has anything to do with the poll in the above article. I too agree the iMac the most impressive of the whole product line design wise that is. I apologize, but it erks me when people “vomit post”