LTE iPad minis to start arriving on November 23rd?

iPad mini pre-orders went live today and within only 20 minutes, the white Wi-Fi only models apparently sold out. One thing that was never certain was an exact timeframe for the launch and arrival of the 4G enabled models. Apple simply stated it would be middle/late November. Thankfully, 9to5Mac reached out to its hoard of followers to see what dates were being given by Cupertino’s online order processing. The early buyers look to be getting theres on November 23rd, although a few have been given dates a couple of days earlier, on November 21st.

The only question remains: did you take the plunge and order a 4G-capable iPad mini, or is the Wi-Fi only good enough for you? Personally, I ordered the Wi-Fi only 32GB model. I wasn’t convinced that ponying up the extra cash for a 4G device was worth it, it’ll spend most of its time in my house, hooked up to the Wi-Fi network.

Via: 9to5Mac

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