Looking to buy an iPhone 5 in Hong Kong? Good luck

We’re all well aware that Apple is facing shortages with the iPhone 5. In-fact, if you want to buy the device online, you’ll be facing a minimum of a three to four weeks until you receive your iPhone. With that being said, imagine how bad the situation is in Hong Kong, where Apple customers must play the ‘Apple Store lottery’ to get their hands on their devices.

Customers must travel to one of the two Apple Stores that are currently open in Hong Kong, and then wait for hours to find out if they can buy the iPhone that they had already ordered online.

Topeka analyst Brian White explains what the ‘Apple Store lottery’ is:

“At Apple’s retail store, the iPhone 5 can be ordered online and a lottery process determines who is eligible for pickup at the store the next day. Based on our conversations, you might have a better shot at winning [an actual] lottery than getting the iPhone 5 the next day.”


Via: CultofMac

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