iPhone 5 will be running on UK 4G from October 30th, thanks to EE network launch

7-8 years ago, If you’d told me that the UK would be one of the last Western countries to get 4G, I’d never have believed you. Back in those days Europe was miles ahead of the States in terms of mobile phone technology. When the US had just discovered text messaging, we’d already made our first video calls on 3G. (Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but that was the conception.)

T-mobile and Orange’s joint venture, Everything Everywhere announced its new identity “EE” a few weeks back and proudly announced that it would be the first 4G LTE company in the UK. At long last, we have a date for when the network will be switched on: October 30th! So, if you’re in one of the areas being blessed with LTE in a few weeks time, your iPhone 5 will be running on a super-fast cellular connection. I would be more excited than I am, if I lived in one of those areas.

On October 30th, if you live in Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow or Sheffield you’ll be able to take advantage of 4G. By the end of the year, Belfast, Derby, Hull, Southampton, Nottingham and Newcastle will be upgraded. To check your location, use EE’s coverage checker.

By the end of 2014, 98% of the UK’s population should be covered in what is one of the fastest roll-outs of network upgrades ever seen on our shores. It took years for 3G to get to that level.

Via: Cnet


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