iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4 – Spec Sheet Comparison

Whenever a new flagship phone is launched by any other manufacturer, we love to compare it to our personal favorite. If only for interest’s sake. LG and Google recently announced the long-rumored Nexus 4. Packing a “True HD”, 1280 x 768, 4.7-inch IPS display, an 8MP snapper and a powerful quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, it certainly seems a formidable opponent.

Spec-wise, there are certain areas that stand out on both phones. The size and weight of the iPhone 5 is something I consider a huge advantage in terms of day-to-day use. On the other side, the LG’s display sure looks like it will impress, it’s huge and packed full of pixels. Also, it’s bound to be incredibly quick with its 1.5GHz quad-core processor. Form factor wise, both are pretty iconic by now. The iPhone’s front face looks similar to all its predecessors, and – bar the Nexus One – so does the Nexus 4. In fact, very little distinguishes it from the Galaxy Nexus launched by Samsung last year.

When it comes to user experience, it’s hard to tell what it’s going to be like from just the spec sheet alone. That said, I can’t imagine that – with the refinements in Android and the Play Store – the LG will a poor device. My only concern is with LG’s brand name. In the mobile space, it’s not strong. I know I’m certainly put off by it having used LG devices in the past and been unimpressed. However, there is hope if Google’s had a big part to play in the design and tweaking it to work “just right” with the “Pure Google”.

What do you make of the Nexus 4? Were you expecting more from Google? Leave your thoughts below or tweet: @TiP_Cam

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  • Tom73

    No LTE ?

  • theTruth

    I think the prices of both phones should be included in the data above. In the US, the 16 gb Nexus 4 is selling for $349, no contract. That is pretty cheap given how similar the specs are.

  • 1.9 megapixel front facing camera. Not 1.2 megapixel as shown above

  • _Donovan_

    @Tom73 HSPA is still cranking out faster speeds than current LTE, but there will be other versions of this which may carry LTE.

  • Eaglepowerguy

    The new nexus is a nice phone but I think the iPhone still wins as far as being the nicer phone. The voice quality may not be that good on the lg phone and I know android still is miles behind in smothnrss and reliability than iOS. Plus I like the maps feature of iOS 6. It works awesome and will only get better.

  • genaro23

    Hey, on what site is the Nexus 4 been sold for $349 ?

  • ChrisRodriguez1

    @genaro23 https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_4_16gb

  • ChrisRodriguez1

    @_Donovan_  @Tom73 I’ve gotten speeds up to 38 mbps on LTE, does HSPA get that? I’m not trying to sound like a prick or anything, I’m genuinely curious because I didn’t know that HSPA was that fast as well.

  • martigerusa

    I’m getting Nexus 4 16 gig

  • TS75

    Mate, I use to like reading your post when Adriana used to be here. But I think with her departure and recent posts of yours I am starting to get feeling, you have started to lose. Your article came hours after Nexus 4 was announced. Frankly I doubt you even held the device considering they just announced. You have no understanding of why Google probably went with LG. You comparison sheet pales in every way. I didn’t expect someone like you would write this in immature way and lack substance. It seems to me, that without meaning anything, you just wanted to put something out. We are talking about Google here. If they went with LG, I think they probably know why would they do that. Else they probably would have had Nexus 4 with Motorola as hardware! You are comparing a quad-core device with dual-core device so I guess that tells something more about what Nexus 4 can offer. I wished your comparison would have waited until you actually played with the device. I am really sadden that with departure of Adriana, we still have a big void to fill in.

  • TheiPhone7isoutdated

    @Eaglepowerguy Have you been smoking something? Apple mas is considered a failure, and JB on android is actually something that many, even those here with phonedog media, has contented is smoother than iOS. I think someone just wants to justify a recent purchase.

  • TheiPhone7isoutdated

    @ChrisRodriguez1  @_Donovan_  @Tom73 Yes. HSPA+ has a theoretical current top speed of 42 mbps, and depending on where you are at, you will see that. Average users can expect roughly the same real world usage out of HSPA+ 42 as they do out of the current LTE network. In fact, I have actually used HSPA+ and intentionally shut off my cable internet at home because the HSPA+ ran faster and more reliably. I would give up the “50mbps” home cable internet if my phone did not have data throttling.

  • Appleshares

    Android. Make a phone that is not plastic first. As of now plastic is cheap and will continue to be. Love how apple uses aluminum and beautiful structure to the phone. Don’t worry, second place isn’t that bad lol

  • Appleshares

    @TheiPhone7isoutdated @Eaglepowerguy
    Come on guy. Someone is drinking too much android koolaid! And talk to me when you make a phone that is not plastic. :)

  • _Donovan_

    @Eaglepowerguy This is a joke, right?

  • ChrisRodriguez1

    iPhones are a beautiful design for sure. You are quite ignorant.

  • _Donovan_

    What everyone is failing to realize is that comparing Android to iPhone is comparing apples to oranges, no pun intended. Android is an OS, Operating System, and Apple is proprietary. If you want an iPhone then you buy an iPhone from Apple. If you want Android, just like buying Windows 7 or XP, you buy a device that runs that system. Now days that can be a phone, a pc, a head unit for a car, a camera, a watch, almost anything can or does have an Android version as well. 
    So, when you realize how this is different then you can discuss the differences of the two.  For one, you can choose your experience. Just like purchasing a PC, you have options between high end performance based computers down to the little netbook computers. With Android this is no different, you can go all out on a phone like the Note 2 or keep it cheap with a less powerful phone that will probably cost nothing out of pocket on an upgrade, that still has specs similar to the iPhone. 
    Why do you think everyone calls you sheep? Think about this sometime.  Why would you be so BLINDLY faithful to a company that treats you like they do.  Most of the “innovations” that your iPhone boasts has came from other sources, a lot from Android.  How many iPhone versions until they can send a picture message, or multi task, how about a notification drawer, how about live wallpaper, different screens, choice of home launcher, NFC, widgets, tell me when will Apple let you put in a simple sd card, or change a SIM card if you are traveling?  Honestly, when will you be aloud to just install apps that aren’t expensive and governed by the all mighty Apple to say if you should have that app or not.  You know what, if I paid the price you do for an iPhone they I feel I should be able to put whatever damn app I want on it.
    For those that say “Android needs to make a better phone” well look at the different manufactures.  There are all metal ones, there are beautiful ones, there are cheap ones, and ugly ones, there are all sorts. Also I have one huge question
    I have had Android phones since the G1, I also have had iPhones.  I have never had a case on my Android phones, Even with cases my iPhone screen shattered with a drop of less than a foot.  My Vibrant and GS2 both fell from great distances and still remain crackless.  My main point though is, if your iPhone is so beautiful then why not show it off. I have yet to see one without a case covering up that “beauty”
    So, you all can think what you want, buy what you want, believe whatever, and spend however much. I just hope any of you that spend so much on a phone that in comparison does so little, especially spec wise would be free on Android, I hope none of you complain about how bad the economy is, or how you are suffering. Good Luck.

  • _Donovan_

    @TheiPhone7isoutdated  @Eaglepowerguy We can’t go back in time, so we are talking to you now.

  • Sousa

    For quite some time I read comments on Apple Vs Samsung or iPhoneVs S3, but never they made sense to me. I don’t even understand the hate between so called “Droids” Vs “Fanboys”.
    I hope my firts comment on the subject does not raise any animosity towards me, because, my intention is not to offend anyone. It resumes to be just one more opinion between so many.
    I like my IPhone, and that’s a statement.
    As I see it, to buy an iPhone is a matter of vanity and status.
    Bare with me as I try to explain it.
    In the 80’s everybody knew that to buy a Ferrari was not the smastest way to spend your money, nevetheless, there was no crisis in the Maranello Company. Everyone could augue that, it was better to buy a Porsche, because it was more realiable, it wasn’t a “primadonna” car, had more features, better drive, better seats, it was less expensive, etc.
    All the world also aknoladged that Porsche sold more than Ferrari.
    Nevertheless, a Ferrari was a status car, when one went by, despite all the problems that they could carry, it was a moment when everybody turned their heads to appeciate.
    We never called the Ferrari owners stupid, or crazy. They were faithful to a brand that didn’t sell the “best” car in the world, Ferrari were and still are the most iconic.
    This might explain why today Apple enjois a legion of fans, that despite all comparisons still feel priveleged to hava an iPhone on their hands, and not a Samsung or HTC or Nokia.
    Samsung, HTC, and Nokia, for me, lost some flair by making other equipments with lower prices and making them more accesible for more people. It’s more common to my my house maid with a low cost Samsung than with an Apple iPhone. And this my friends, I call exclusiviness.
    I repeat, with this comment I do not intend to criticize or offend anyone, please note that this is just one opinion of a human being that is intitled to have one.
    Thank you for your patience and sorry for my written english as I’m Portuguese.