iPhone 5 production still slow

If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone 5 in the near future, you’ll be disappointed to discover that supplies of the device are still low, with Apple’s online store still predicting 3-4 weeks for delivery, and Apple Stores across the globe are reporting stock shortages.

Because of this, Wall Street analysts are reducing their forecasted sales by as much as around 2.2 million units. However, many are expecting more sales in the holiday season because of this, so for Apple, the stock shortages could be a blessing in disguise.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek explains the situation:

“Remember, there are 170 million post paid subscribers coming off contract. That’s overwhelming all supply ramps. The demand here is unprecedented.”



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  • greggpf

    @TodaysiPhone just go to Radio Shack… Yes, they still exist

  • KevinHalterman

    I got mine the day it released! I ordered 6:00am pacific time the day for pre orders.

  • Jediscum01

    @KevinHalterman I camped out at an AT&T store from 8pm-8am. I was first inline. 64 gig white, and I love it bro

  • TheSauce05

    I got mine today from my local Walmart. They literally had a stack of them. I saw in the cabinet when he opened it. At least 10 for AT&T, but only 2 for Verizon. Also, mine only cost $189.97 from Walmart.