iPhone 5 Nano SIMs arriving in China Unicom flavor

Here in the West we’ve been rocking our iPhone 5s for three weeks. It’s easy to forget sometimes that countries half way across the world haven’t had access to Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone. Ahead of launch in China on the China Unicom network, Nano-SIMs have been showing up by the box load.

Over recent months and years, Apple’s been making some serious inroads in to China. And, although market share percentage is pretty low, China accounts for a pretty hefty portion of Apple’s annual cash making. The iPhone 5 should see Cupertino’s fruit logo make its way un to more Asian homes.

Via: M.I.C Gadget

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  • larrysalibra

    @TodaysiPhone @PenguinSix China Unicom has had nano sims since launch day 3 weeks ago. Got my Unicom nanosim day after worldwide launch.

  • camelquality