iPhone 5 does very well on chemical toxicity test vs. 36 other phones

If you thought all those dull lessons in chemistry class would serve you no purpose, I’m about to prove you wrong. Sort of. HealthyStuff.org and iFixt combined to run a series of tests on a list of 36 smartphones from the modern age. On the list are a few of our favorites: iPhone 2G, 3G, 4, 4S and the most recent, iPhone 5. The aim was to find out which phones contain the least amount of harmful chemicals and materials. The lowest possible score being the target. Zero is incredibly good, where as 5 is the worst score.

Worst scoring was the original iPhone which hit 5.00. You literally couldn’t get any worse. (Unless of course you were to leave it lying in some radioactive waste for a few days.) Out of all the iPhones, the 4S performed best, but, the iPhone 5 and 4 weren’t far behind. In terms of the iPhone’s biggest competition in the market, the SIII came behind all three of the latest iPhones. Top scoring was the Motorola Citrus, a device aimed at those who care just a little too much about the environment and probably have shares in Greenpeace.

Via: 9to5Mac, iFixit

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