iPhone 5 and LG Nexus photo comparison shows up

If you’re a die hard Apple fanboy, you probably have no clue about what the LG Nexus is. Well, the LG Nexus is to be the successor to the ever popular Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This means that it will most probably be Google’s next flagship device.

The device has been on the radar a lot recently, as it will compete directly with Apple’s brand new iPhone 5, which means the LG Nexus has to pack a powerful punch. It does, with a quad core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, a colossal 2GB of RAM and a very high resolution 1280×768 display (if you’re not so knowledgeable on what this means, it’s best to say that this phone will be very, very fast).

Anyway, that’s enough about the internals, because what we’re really interested in is how it fares against our precious iPhone 5s. Now, since this phone hasn’t been released, and nobody really knows how it performs in the real world, we can’t see a video comparing the two devices. However, what we can see in the latest LG Nexus leak is how it stacks up size-wise with Apple’s latest smartphone.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look, check out the pictures below:

If you’re familiar with Android, you’ll notice the similarities between the Lg Nexus and its predecessor, the Galaxy Nexus. From the front, it’s a very attractive device, but sadly, at the rear it follows what is, for me, one of the worst traits of Android as far as design goes. That is of course the tacky plastic rear panel. I’ll admit, it’s far better than on devices such as the Galaxy S3, or Galaxy Note, in-fact, pretty much any Samsung device (sorry Samsung fans). But even with that being said, I prefer the iPhone’s design by far, but that’s just my opinion.

I could compare the attractiveness of the devices all day, but as I’m sure you know, looks aren’t everything, and I’d like to say from the off that the LG Nexus seems to have the more ergonomic design. The curved back will be far more comfortable in the hand than the square edged rear of the iPhone 5. However, while we’re talking about ergonomics, I have to say that the tall, narrow screen of the iPhone 5 would feel much more natural than the Nexus’ slightly taller, slightly wider display.

All in all, they’re both very attractive, very functional designs. But for me, the scales are tipped in the iPhone’s favor. I think the design of the LG Nexus is just that little bit too busy, especially on the back, but I still wouldn’t turn down either of the devices. Anyway, I’m anticipating the LG Nexus with baited breath, so tell me your thoughts on the design of both devices in the comments below.

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  • braydon_c

    I am a huge fan of android and usually like the nexus line, but this is fugly and not on par with iPhone 5 design. I think picking LG for their flagship was a huge mistake.

  • HumbertoRubio

    @braydon_c well i agree with the design part, i am curious though on the back glass thing they were talking about. BUT the Specs look amazing!! all the ram and processing power and with NO UI and JELLYBEAN!! i bet that thing is going to run like a champ!!

  • Cameron Buchan

    @HumbertoRubio @braydon_c I agree, I can’t wait to see this thing in real life, it’ll be a monster

  • braydon_c

    @HumbertoRubio  @braydon_c I do agree the specs seem impresive although they don’t always mean everything. Shouldn’t be any lag though with those specs and project butter running.The no UI is a must for me on android (can’t stand touchwiz or sense).  Have to see what it will be like, looks to wide to me, but screen size is personal preference for sure.

  • AustinMutschler

    I understand you thoughts on plastic but it really isn’t noticeable. I thought it would feel cheap but it doesn’t. The way that they manufacture it you couldn’t really tell. However, I personally like metal better. I am also disappointed that this is the new Nexus. I still have faith that there may be more than one Nexus manufacturer. I hate all of LG’s phones and really hope Motorola will make one along side them. It still kills the iPhone 5 in hardware but it looks way to much like my G-Nexus.

  • Matlock

    @braydon_c  @HumbertoRubio dont  forget they are comparing it to the iphone5 in these pictures, so it will definitely look super wide. from what it looks like, it should be about the same size as the Gnexus!as for the author of the post saying the design of the LG Nexus looks, “busy” , I dont see what you’re talking about at all. Its a black slab in the front and the rear cover has a bit of a design on it. it actually looks quite plain if you ask me.  Im still on the fence about this phone, dont know if it will make me give up my GNexus.

  • HumbertoRubio

    @Matlock  @braydon_c Yup you are right, thats what i was thinking plus i think i kinda like that glass look on the back, but until i hold it my own 2 hands thats when i will make a decision.. i guess almost anyphone compared to the iphone 5 will look wide. i guess you can call the iphone 5 one of those anorexic models people like hahahaha

  • braydon_c

    @Matlock  @HumbertoRubio To be honest I like the look of the GNexus much more the this. Perhaps its hardware is outdated (which happens extremely quickly in the android world), but I think it is a better looking phone. I would also trust samsung build more over LG.

  • Cameron Buchan

    @braydon_c @Matlock @HumbertoRubio The design is very similar to the GNexus, but I agree, LG doesn’t have the edge on either design or build quality. With that being said, milt knowledge of Android is very limited and outdated, so I wouldn’t know on a general scale.

  • Cameron Buchan

    @Matlock @braydon_c @HumbertoRubio It’s the design on the back that makes it busy. I like minimalism, so I just think that it’s just design for design’s sake if you know what I mean.