iPad 4 benchmarks make for impressive reading

Apple’s “new iPad” made waves back in March with its impressive 9.7″ Retina display and graphics performance. The A5X chip boasted “quad-core graphics” and increased speed and RAM compared to the previous iPad. That said, those early 3-gen iPad adopters probably weren’t too impressed when Apple announced another model that was twice as fast as the one they bought only a few months earlier. Recent benchmark results do nothing to alleviate those frustrations.

The image above shows the 3rd-gen iPad’s Geekbench score of 747. Not to be sniffed at by any means, but it turns out the new “iPad with Retina display” more than doubles the score achieved by its predecessor.

Pretty impressive from a chip which – for the first time – didn’t involve any of Samsung’s engineers in its design. With such a high score, it’s impossible to ignore the performance enhancements in the newest version of the 9.7″ iPad family.

Do you think this signals that the current version is built to last at least 12 months, or will Apple announce another new one in March?

Via: AppAdvice, iDownloadBlog

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  • Captainchris

    I think this one is here to stay a year. It made since for me to jump the gun on this iPad. I didn’t understand why they didn’t release the new versions in time for the holiday season anyway. And it would probably be better to release the 4 6 months after the 3 than if they would have waited a year and six months to have a fall release.

  • Captainchris

    I mean it makes since to me for them to jump the gun. Yea.

  • Bratty

    @Captainchris Agree. I get a feeling that the iPads are now on a Fall release schedule, just before the holiday quarter. Fall is now a full schedule for Apple products!

  • Captainchris

    @Bratty just sucks because now I will have to wait a full year to get me an applegasm. Not that it really matters, I can’t afford any of their stuff anyway. lol. I’ll be stuck with my iPad 2 for who knows how long.

  • Bratty

    @Captainchris Dont go there dude! Same boat as you. But i have a ipad3 and it is still amazing.