Introducing the 8.8″ iPad mini mega – funny CONAN spoof [video]

CONAN frequently pokes fun at Apple products and promotional videos/ads, and this time out is no different. Introducing the iPad mini mega, the 8.8″ device and a slew of others. It’s almost like how it would be if Apple decided to follow the Motorola DROID marketing and product release style. Am I right?

Kudos to 9to5Mac for spotting this.

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  • rtomyj

    Weird. I’d imagine these parodies attacking Android makers. Look at all the phones/tablets they come out that are very similar… Many are the exact same thing with a different name and a different (albeit slightly) design.
    But then it wouldn’t be cool to hate on Samsung, now would it? These “comedians” are honestly taking the easy way out on their acts… Never even heard of these guys, haha.