Incipio feather for iPhone 5: Review and Gallery

Now that the iPhone 5 is out, a lot of companies have been updating their case lineup to fit Cupertino’s new device. I have always personally been a Speck person (see my review of the Speck FabShell), but when I saw this Incipio case I had to give it a try. I received this case a few days ago, and immediately changed it so I could give it a full weekend and two weekdays use. While it does its job, there are a few things I still am not the biggest fan of. However, I do enjoy this case, so see below for the full review of how I came to my 8/10 decision.


Arguably the most important part of a case, protection is first on my list of points. Simply put, if you drop your phone a lot, do not buy this. While it will protect it from small drops, if you have smallest of doubt in yourself, this probably isn’t the case for you. This case feels more like a case built for looks rather than protection. Why then did I give it such a high rating? Well, because I don’t drop my phone much, if ever. I personally buy cases more for looks than protection (if I wanted protection I’d buy an Otterbox). This case, while being around 1mm thin according to Incipio’s website, does though protect from scratches and other such things. The iPhone 5 has been getting a bad reputation for being easily scratched, so if that’s your issue this isn’t a bad choice. It covers the back nicely along with the sides, however it does not cover the top or bottom, nor does it cover the volume buttons. Overall, if you are clumsy, this isn’t for you. If you are just have the occasional 1-2 ft drop, or you keep it sitting on a desk all day, this will be great for you.


One of my favorite subjects. As I mentioned above, I buy cases for their looks, not so much their protection. This case looks great in my opinion because of its slim profile which hugs the phone tightly, allowing it to stay thin and light. If you read my Speck review, you may remember me expressing my love of black/red color combinations. That wasn’t fulfilled with the Speck case, but it’s definitely fulfilled here. Incipio knows I’m not the only one buying this though, and provides a selection of 8 colors: black, pink, blue, gray, red, green, orange, and purple.

Another part of the iPhone that I love is the buttons. This may sound very particular, but the feel of the metal buttons is one reason I bought an iPhone. Other ones just feel, and look, cheap. So when I saw that this kept the buttons clear of obstruction, I was excited. Like I said though, that’s being a tad bit particular. This case also has a soft-touch feel to it. This makes it very comfortable to hold, and gives it a nice matte look. It also doesn’t slip very easily. Overall, the design to me is just fantastic. I love the look, the feel, and especially the color.


Coming from all Speck (iPod touch, MacBook, Droid, iPhone), I was skeptical at first. I hadn’t used Incipio before, but had friends tell me it was good. After a normal weekends worth of use, and two weekdays, I was impressed. I loved the looks of it at first sight, so it started on a positive note. After using it, the feel of it and the durability started to grow on me. I use Siri a lot when driving (don’t text and drive!) so I need something that doesn’t slip when it’s sitting on either the center console, or on my lap. This case is great for that.

In whole, I just really enjoy this case. The red on black contrast is great looking. The thinness shows off the iPhones design. It keeps it nice and light. The camera has no problem taking pictures with the flash. All the buttons are easily accessible. The speaker is unobstructed. It just is an overall very nice case. However, as I said earlier in the review, this is not for clumsy people. The iPhone 5 is a very durable phone, but it’s only so good. If you’re careful with your iPhone though, this case is great.


If you are interested in this case, you can check out Incipio’s site here: iPhone feather case.

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  • clamson95

    i hated this case. only because it did not fit the phone. after just 2 days it was loose and i felt like my phone was gonna fall out.

  • KyleFrost

    @clamson95 I haven’t had this problem at all. Been on 5 days now and it’s still tight on the phone.

  • Ok

    @clamson95 I’ve had this case on my 4s now 5. No such problems

  • ClaudiaJimena

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