iExpander promises Micro SD, 30-pin, extended battery, flash power

In past generations, the iPhone was thin, but adding bulk made it very uncomfortable. Now, with the incredibly thin iPhone 5, a case like the iExpander is much more acceptable.

The iExpander adds Micro SD memory, a 30-pin connector, extended battery life, and an added flash to boost your lowlight photos. You’re adding a considerable 6.3mm of thickness to your svelte device, but that’s about 1.6mm per awesome feature.

The Micro SD memory uses an app to exchange files with the device, and the battery is said to double the length of the iPhone’s battery life. The LED flash is powered by anĀ ultrathin CAP-XX super-capacitor.

Personally, I have an extended battery case, which I paid almost $100 for, and it only adds an extended battery which gives me about a 70% charge from 0%. This case costs $25 less, and offers 4x the features, and a lightning port on the side so you can still work with lightning accessories.

The project has 10 days left and is about $30,000 shy of its goal, so if you are looking for a case that adds these features, why not help them out so this case can become a reality?


Via: iExpander @ Kickstarter

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  • Chris

    I already have a case bought in south Korea it’s great thing is they are only $35 here damn American businesses