Hide stock iOS apps in Passbook with awesome PassHack

Have you ever looked at the homepage of your iPhone and just thought “I’m never going to use these apps, so why do I have to see them?” Well, apparently you’re not alone, so developers RageMasta & macmixing have teamed up to create PassHack. Now, if you’re not the type of person to go about jailbreaking your iDevice, but want to remove those pesky icons from your home screen (Stocks, Newsstand, Game Center etc.), then don’t despair, because this particular hack requires no jailbreak at all, and is actually pretty simple to do, as it can be pulled off using nothing more than the Safari app and PassBook.

If you fancy installing PassHack to your device (you greasy hacker, you), then follow these easy steps, as written by AppAdvice:

“Step 1: Visit www.cydiahacks.com in Safari and tap on “Get PassHack.” Now, tap on the “Add to Passbook” button.

Step 2: Once the pass is loaded, tap on the “Add” button in the top right corner.

Step 3: Press the home button on your device and launch Passbook. Next, make sure that PassHack is on the screen and tap on the “i” in the bottom right corner. The pass will flip over revealing some basic instructions and links to hide various stock iOS apps. Scroll through the apps listed on the pass and tap on a link for an app you’d like to hide.

Step 4: When you see an alert box pop up, tap on “Install.” The installation will fail, but that’s completely normal. When you receive the “Unable to Download Application” failure message, tap on “Done.” The app you’ve selected to hide will now have a gray icon with a loading bar.

Step 5: Next, tap and hold on the gray icon to put it in “wiggle mode,” then tap on the “X” in the top left corner of the app to remove it.”

Hate reading? You’re in luck, because there’s also a video to accompany the instructions.


Via: AppAdvice

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