Google’s Street View could be on your iPhone this week

If you wondered how you would live without the Google-powered maps app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod once you updated to iOS 6, fear not. One of the much missed features, Street View, is about to make its way to the Google Maps web app. That is, if a mention by Walt Mossberg at WSJ is anything to go on. The well-known technology journalist was given a chance to test the new feature:

I tested this addition, which displays 360-degree photographic street views of selected locations, and interior photographic views of certain businesses, using sample links Google sent me. These links worked well, allowing me to see the locations and pan around with a finger.

He also mentioned that Google is planning on announcing it to the public tomorrow (Thursday, October 4th). So, if you want Google Maps, complete with Street View on your iPhone’s home screen, all you need to do is add a home screen shortcut to the web app. To do that, just visit the Google Maps page, hit the share icon and select “Add to Home Screen”.

Via: iDownloadBlog

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  • RaduTanasescu

    That’s all well and good but it’s dreadfully slow. The Google Maps website takes forever to load and do stuff. So does Apples maps app, not that it is any good.The app store is now slow, I compared it to the old one, it takes about 7 times longer to load search results.
    You know I bought an iPhone because I can’t stand lag, and one year and a few months later, look where it’s got.I have an iPhone 4, it was the latest one when I bought it.  I don’t mind not having extra features like Siri or turn by turn navigation, I didn’t pay for that when I bought my phone, it was fine without them and it’s fine now. But why do they have to ruin the features that worked well?