Google Maps lookalike vanishes from iOS App Store

In an attempt to take advantage of Apple’s recent Maps blunder, a developer named Katsumi Kishikawa created an application that mimics the look and feel of the old iOS maps application that used data from Google Maps. The application, called ClassicMap, debuted on Monday and offered a very similar UI to the iOS 5 Maps app, though there wasn’t any navigation features or Google Street View.

All in all, it sounds like an okay application – nothing too special. That’s why it came as a shock to Kishikawa that Apple pulled the app from the App Store just a few days after it went live. There’s not really an explanation for this, but Kishikawa did confirm via twitter that the deletion of the app was Apple’s decision, not his.

Personally, I think Apple didn’t like this application because it called attention to one of its mistakes. Apple already had to swallow its pride and offer some iOS 6 Maps alternatives, but copying the old (and much preferred) Maps app really shows customers what they’re missing, even if the app in question isn’t all that good.

What do you guys think is the reason for Apple’s removal of this app? Let me know in the comments section below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.



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  • brendanfortee

    Apple didn’t like it because it was better than their maps, even though theirs didn’t work :) hehehehe

  • D

    Not liking Apple maps is small minded and feeding into media frenzies. Sure Apple maps isn’t perfect… Just like google maps wasn’t perfect… Just like every system ever created wasn’t created perfect. It will take time for Apple maps to improve and in the end will be worth the wait. Google decided they didn’t want to give Apple turn by turn, which its customers were upset and blaming apple for. So Apple gives them turn by turn at the risk of starting from scratch. Now customer want to blame Apple for a map system that was created with the sole intent of becoming better for the customer and all people can do it whine about it. Frankly I don’t see how this could come as a shock to anyone… Does anybody even remember that the iPhone didn’t have MMS when it came out??? And what about copy and paste?!? Or the countless other things that people have always complained about until it eventually comes or doesn’t cuz it wasn’t a great idea. If everyone dumps Apple maps for an alternative then it will never improve, so why not suck it up and use the service and report if there is a problem?? Or just switch to a different company with a phone you like more. Or better still continue whining for no reason other than to keep feeding into the media stir that is caused with every single change to every single product made. I’ll keep using Apple maps

  • That’s why it came as a shock to Kishikawa that Apple pulled the app from the App Store just a few days after it went live.

  • knotty_v

    @shriansh they’re being such losers