Former Amazon exec picked up by Apple to lead Siri division

A new hire as been made at Apple in the realm of its Siri division coming in the form of former Amazon executive William Stasior. Described as a “prominent search technologist,” Stasior has been hired by Apple to lead the Siri search team, which some are saying could point towards something big coming from Apple in the search business. Google is currently the default search provider on iOS, however tensions between Google and Apple have been increasing for a while, with iOS 6 being a large showing of that.

Kara Swisher of AllThingsD said Apple could “eventually remove” Google search completely from iOS devices, something Steve Jobs contemplated doing as revenge for Google entering the mobile phone market with Android. However, it was decided users may be too unhappy with this move, and in iOS 6 only went as far as removing YouTube and Maps, supplementing the latter with its own rendition. Stasior has a history in the search field, so we could see some pretty exciting stuff coming with him on board.

What do you think? Wondering what Apple has planned? Wonder if Apple is going to compete with Google in the search, or just replace it on iOS? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AppleInsider, AllThingsD

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  • Bratty

    Google is killing at search and is by far the most dominant force. BUT, smaller search firms are popping up and frankly, Bing is pretty good as well. I wouldn’t be shocked if these new entrants (and Apple possibly) start making small dents in the giant’s business. With a couple anti-trust lawsuits coming Google’s way, things will definitely get interesting. Nothing may come of the lawsuits but the “do no evil” company is eroding away.