EE launches first 4G network in the UK: Full iPhone 5 pricing details

As you may know already, I’ve been closely following developments of the UK’s first 4G LTE network being launched. Ever since the initial confirmation that OfCom had given the green light to Everything Everywhere’s plans to launch its network early, it’s been a fast moving process. Today, October 30th, the carrier will be switching the 4G network on in 11 cities. If you’re lucky enough to live in Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Sheffield or Southampton, you’ll now have access to the fastest mobile network in the UK. Plan details were announced last week and start from £36 for personal users for unlimited calls, texts and 500MB data and go all the way up to £56 for 8GB data and unlimited calls and texts.

If you were thinking of switching to EE’s super-fast network, it’s not going to come cheap. The iPhone 5 isn’t free on any plan. Even the most expensive £56 per month plan still asks a £19.99 up front fee for the lowest capacity model. Hopefully, as time goes on and other networks get their 4G up and running, this will force EE to become a little more competitive. Full pricing information below:

To order your iPhone 5 on EE, head on over to the EE store which officially opened today.

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