Dropbox update ends resolution capping

Revolutionary file app Dropbox has proved an iOS sensation, bringing with it innovation in file sharing, backup and syncing. However the app has run into some problems of late when dealing with the iPhone 5’s larger screen.

The Dropbox app’s 1.5.6 update this week delivers support for the iPhone 5, something lacking so far. Users would find that images downloaded and viewed on iOS devices were cropped to fit the screen of the iPhone 4S. This update has removed the resolution cap, so now users can view downloaded photos in full resolution, according to the devices capability.

On investigation of the new app, its apparent that photos are still compressed upon downloading, which brings with it some color compression, and downloads now take considerably longer than before.

Have Dropbox sacrificed speed in favor of resolution? Which is more important to you?


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  • This new update by Dropbox is a great news for iPhone 5 users around the globe as it not only supports the new iOS but also removes the resolution capping problem in viewing picture on the device. Although the download speed is more, the resolution of pictures stays the same as the orinigal and users can make use of the iPhone 5’s larger screen. Updates from Dropbox have been much appreciated lately because of the innovation and thought behind it. Recent integration of Dropbox with GroupDocs is also considered a welcome addition in the capabilities of both cloud-based services. Users can now use both services at the same time. They can access their Dropbox files from th GroupDocs account and perform document annotation, conversion and various other tasks. The updated files can then be saved in the cloud via Dropbox storage. To read more on this announcement, click: