Disgusting thief steals iPhone from a baby (Video)

The video may be grainy and low quality, but the crime committed is shocking. Watch as the man wearing the grey jacket takes an iPhone straight out of a 20-month old baby’s hands.

“He’s followed me into that shop; to think he has targeted my daughter is disgusting. “Everyone is absolutely disgusted. Her dad was really angry and upset.”

The robbery happened in Ormskirk, Lancs, when Danielle took her daughter into Hype clothes store at around midday on 22nd September.

Police believe the thief may have been with a female accomplice and followed the mother and daughter in after spotting the toddler holding the smartphone outside.

Cops are now appealing for anyone who recognises the man to get in touch.

He was wearing glasses, had longish straight greying dark hair and was wearing a light jacket with dark inner hood and light-coloured trousers.

West Lancashire inspector Andy Willis said: “This is a despicable offence where it appears that the suspect has deliberately targeted a child knowing the crime would be relatively easy to commit.

“I would urge anyone with any information to contact PC 659 Holdsworth on 101 and ask for Lancashire Police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Now, I don’t want to cause any controversy, and I am in no way calling this ‘bad parenting’, but the mother kind of had this coming, I’m not saying that she deserved to have her precious iPhone stolen, but why did she give her unaccompanied  baby hold onto it?

Anyway, check out the video below, it’s pretty shameful.




Via: 9to5Mac


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  • mrfcobf

    Guessing you have no children. A 2-year old who doesn’t get to play with mommy’s iPhone at times would be difficult to find.

    The mom “had this coming”?! Isn’t that what people like you used to say about rape victims who wore low-cut blouses?

  • Cameron Buchan

    I really don’t want to have to deal with you, because you’re doing that typical thing of taking something I’ve said, and assuming that I’d use the same philosophy with something far more serious. Surely you can see the difference between a petty thief and a rapist, the crimes are worlds apart, and it would be ridiculous if I thought the same about both. Plus, I’m not saying that the baby shouldn’t have had the phone, I’m just saying that it wasn’t a good time or place to leave the child unattended with it.

  • CeChelePitchford

    @Cbuchan totally agree. When you are out in public it is fine for your child to have your phone but you should always watch them so they don’t drop it or but sucking all over it. She left her child unattended not even facing her. It isn’t her fault but it is what is is.

  • Username goes here

    @Cbuchan – some opinions are better left unsaid, such as yours on this case, even if is to simply state to not leave the child unattended in public places. It’s an obvious lesson learned by the parents and mentioning it only adds insult to the injury. Besides, the main point of this article is the bad conduct of the thief. It is unwise to deviate from that as you end the article. It contradicted the title and split the blame towards the mom – a busy mom who was simply taking advantage of her small window of opportunity to look around the store and maybe having faith that no one will dare steal from an infant.

  • CeChelePitchford

    @Username goes here I agree with you to a certain extent but she does need to take some responsibility too. It was disgusting act and she was the victim but this is 2012. The economy is bad and you should always be aware of your surroundings especially if you have a helpless child. She was away from her a child long enough that the stranger probably could have taken the child too i mean he would not have gotten far. He was standing in front of the baby for long enough. She obviously wasn’t even paying attention. It could have been worse. I bet now she will pay attention. If you are looking at something take the stroller with you. Simple

  • DannyDonckht

    Yeah, that’s smart – instead of putting the iP in your purse, or just go around the store with your baby – you leave it there for others to grab. You know there are people who could just go away with your kid, right?

  • JBLmobileG1

    What a pathetic low life to have the nerve to steal from a baby. While I can see why the baby may have been playing with the phone (maybe to watch a cartoon or to keep him/her entertained while the mother shopped) it really is bad of the mother to not be so close to the child. Really its a good thing the guy only wanted the phone because he probably could have taken the baby too.

  • Take responsibility

    I would say it’s 100% the mothers fault. I would never abandon my child in a public place, giving someone enough space to commit an act like that. The possibilities she provided for a criminal, by her lack of proper parenting, is ridiculous and sad. Had she been by her baby (as she should have), her phone wouldn’t have been stolen in the first place. Was it right for the crook to steal? No, it wasn’t. Do I condone acts of thievery? Not at all. Hopefully the mother will learn from the incident, and realize how dangerous it is to leave a child unattended. I also, for the sake of this world, hope the crook is caught and punished as well.
     @Username goes here “some opinions are better left unsaid” – The remarks of a true hypocrite. A difference in opinion does not give one the right to tell another their opinion shouldn’t be stated. I found his article spot on. I assume you’re response to a situation like such is “Well, I feel bad for her, she got her phone stolen.. So, I’ll look the other way at the fact that the bad parenting choices she made, to leave her child unattended, were the cause to the incident in the first place.”. What’s next? Her baby is taken, and we still purely blame the kidnapper, and disregard the blatant lack of responsibility the mother portrayed.

  • Cameron Buchan

    @Take responsibility I couldn’t agree more, thanks for the awsome comment…and for fighting my battle for me :)

  • Cameron Buchan

    @Take responsibility *awesome

  • JordanTravis

    I work at Banana Republic and I see it all of the time. Parents leave their iPhones with their babies in the strollers. It’s kinda of bad for them to do so but, hey, that’s their decision. I hate anyone that would steal something from anyone, let alone a freakin’ infant. People are disgusting….