Can’t wait for an official iPhone 5 dock? Build your own out of LEGO

Lego is by far the coolest toy in history. I originally thought that I’d have to wait until my son was at least 6-7 before I could legitimately play with it again, but, I’ve just found the best reason ever to restart. has just launched a LEGO iPhone 5 dock kit. You can either download the free guide and build it out of your own LEGO pieces, or pay £11.95 ($19) and get the 42 brick kit direct from the site. (Which I have totally just done!). Since Apple announced that it would not be creating an official dock, we have to either wait for third party accessories, or get creative – like this.

Via: iLounge

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  • JonnyFonseca

    jajaajajajaja nice!

  • Rodster113

    @THOMMO05 loving that you are my one man Lego social media team.

  • THOMMO05

    @Rodster113 Lego are recruiting. #justsaying #gotyourlegoback