Cancer research fundraiser started in remembrance of Steve Jobs

If you hadn’t already heard, today is exactly one year since the passing of former-Apple CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs. Apple itself released a video in remembrance, and I have seen pictures floating around of people putting flowers at the many Apple Stores around the world. Mr. Steven Paul Jobs passed away last year from cancer, or more specifically a neuroendocrine tumor.

A team in Sweden has found a way to prolong the life of those suffering from this type of illness, but needs money to begin human testing. According to the group organizing this, the treatment has not been funded because it isn’t profitable for companies at the moment. They say that the amount needed is approximately $3.2 million. $23,523 has already been raised. If you are interested in joining the cause, you can do so here: iCancer. You can also follow them on Twitter @iCancerVirus.


Via: Mashable

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  • BrandtHardin

    Steve Jobs changed the entire world with his visionary outset and revamping of wireless media and communications.  He’ll be a name which rings out through history for evolving the way we live, share and communicate.  I was compelled to create a portrait of him, now In Memoriam on my artist’s blog at Drop by and tell me how one of the centuries greatest minds affected you.

  • jimmydisoza525

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