Apple’s smartphone sales smashed 2-to-1 by Samsung

When it comes to sales figures, we all rush to see the standings between Apple and Samsung. But, in recent times, us Apple fans have been mildly disappointed to see Apple playing second fiddle to its arch enemy, Samsung, in the standings for smartphone sales.

Well, the figures from the third quarter of this year are out, and once again, Apple has been defeated in smartphone sales by Samsung, by a massive amount. In-fact, Samsung has dominated Apple with a huge 2-to-1 victory over the Cupertino giant. And it’s not like Apple is lagging on the sales front either, as a whole 27 million iPhones have been shifted from California. But Samsung somehow churned out 56 million sales, totally destroying the best efforts from Apple.

However, the Samsung-Apple rivalry was not the most interesting thing to be found in the smartphone sales figures for the past 3 months, because somehow, RIM (that company that makes the godawful range of BlackBerrys) came just behind Apple, securing 4.3% of the market share (Samsung and Apple achieved 31.3% and 15% respectively), whereas Nokia dropped off the top 5, leaving it behind ZTE and HTC, which took 4th and 5th place in the standings.

Senior research analyst with IDC, Kevin Restivo had this to say about Nokia:

The company’s transition away from Symbian-powered smartphones to ones shipped with Windows Phone has left ample opportunity for rivals to steal share away from Nokia over the past 18 months.”


Via: cnet

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  • Tom73

    Wonder how many of the Samsung phones are the cheap give-away smartphones?

  • TheiPhone7isoutdated

    @Tom73 probably just as many as there are “iphone 4 for free” stuff for Apple.

  • Jack Hickman

    Apple sells ONE phone. Samsung has how many models? Compare iPhone sales to, say, Galaxy III sales. Duh.

  • Miukk

    @Jack Hickman Why dont Apple sell many models? It’s Apples’ choice and Apple lost opportunities to sell.