Apple’s initial supply of ‘iPad 4s’ sold out

If you’ve been considering ordering a fourth-gen iPad from Apple to receive in time for Friday, then you’re too late, because Apple’s initial supply of the device has run down today, meaning that you’ll be waiting at least a week until you can hold your new iPad, should you order one now. However, if you’re prepared to dig out your tent and camp outside an Apple Store, you may just be able to get your mits on the device on launch day.

Now, if you’re a bit behind on Apple news, the fourth-generation iPad was announced last Tuesday alongside the iPad mini and MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina display. The event also saw some updates to the Mac mini and iMac range, plus the release of (yawn) iBooks 3.0.

The ‘iPad 4’ is essentially the same as its predecessor, but features a new A6X processor, plus Apple’s new Lighting connector. For all these fantastic new features (lightly revised features), the price remains the same, starting at $499 (£399) for the 16 gigabyte Wi-Fi only model.


Via: AppleInsider

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  • davem

    Dang a dollar short and a week late at least I still have my iPad 3 4G 32 GB still to play with! They are quite nice but the battery takes forever to charge if it goes past 50% you almost need two. One to play with while the other charges……….