Apple Store will stock iPhone 5 cases later this month

Despite the fact that case manufacturers (and consumers) all knew what the iPhone 5 looked like months before its announcement, Apple still hasn’t stocked its stores with cases for its hottest new product. Though, if a new report is correct, that’s going to change pretty soon. According to multiple sources, Apple will begin stocking iPhone 5 cases in all of its stores “later this month.”

Most users were expecting the iPhone 5 to more durable than the iPhone 4S, but the black model of the iPhone 5 has been shockingly prone to visible scratches and scuffs. Now that your black iPhone 5 is already scratched up, Apple is willing to sell you a case to preserve your scratches!

Apple’s retail partners have been selling a variety of iPhone 5 cases for a considerable stretch of time already, but Apple is reportedly taking extra time to “test” the cases before stocking its shelves.

I assume most iPhone 5 buyers have already bought a case elsewhere, if they want one. Are any of you guys waiting for “Apple approved” cases?

Via: 9to5Mac


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